Zen And The Art Of Getting Laid Off Your Corporate Gig

Ever get sacked?


Wow. It’s been just about a week since I got the ax from the company I’ve been spending most of my days at for the last three years. Getting laid. Off.

It’s an odd thing that most of the folks that got laid off from my last place of corporate employment were either my age or older. And they were some of the highest paid as well. Makes perfect sense from a business stand point.

I used to work for Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. here in Albuquerque, in configuration management and document control. Eclipse makes a cool little corporate jet that only rich people can buy.

Guess the rich people of the world have better things to spend their money on, cus no one’s been buying. They told us that it was ‘nothing we did’ and that it was an economic business decision. Personally, I think they were just ‘cleaning house’. They wanted some younger stock in there. People who they figure were the best contributors. A direct and blatant (if not underhanded and thinly veiled)  insult to the middle aged sector. They also weren’t pleased with folks who ‘spoke up’ and offered their not so humble opinion about the way things were being run and the way they managed (or not) their personnel. This is actually a pretty main stream corporate mind set though.

As long as you don’t deviate from their path and keep your head down and your feet moving you’re golden. If you offer your not so humble opinions – guess what? You are deemed a ‘non contributor’. Funny that.

Own your choices. Make the good ones. Check out this story…

I Just Got Laid Off. Now What?

Now, I have lots of time to dedicate to my fans and customers of LadyZen Designs. Time to get in the Zone.

Let’s see what we can do about that shall we?




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