What? You mean I can upload pictures from my desktop to Instragram?

I have been wondering for a while now, if there was any way one could get pictures from their desktop or laptop computer up to Instagram without having to go through the phone/tablet app. I know, I know… Instagram was specifically designed for phone/tablet interface. Be that as it may, there is always some geek or group of geeks out there that have differing opinions about software that comes available for the masses – read: I’m gonna fix this thing to work like I think it should.

After a wee bit of investigative machinations, I came across this – something called Gramblr. You may already know about it. You may not. For those of us that live in caves, here’s the deal Sparky:

It downloads as a simple zip file, and the install process is a no-brainer – no offense to the geekly challenged. There’s also a couple of extra bonus tricks that Gramblr gives you, like a ‘direct link’, ‘Web link’, ‘html code’, and options to share on Facebook and Twitter. Pretty f’ing awesome if you ask me. Yeah, it’s the simple, little things that blow my skirt up.

This is Gramblr’s desktop interface.

I used to have to take the picture, go to my desktop computer or laptop, hook up the USB from said desktop/laptop to my phone, upload pics from my desktop/laptop to my phone or tablet. Then and ONLY then was I able to post them to Instagram using the Instagram app.

Most of the pics I take are taken with a stand alone digital camera and I gotta tell ya, this was really a P-I-T-frickin-A.

Once you surf to the Web site, you’ll see all the pertinent information as far as ‘Will it work on my computer?’ and ‘How It Works’ etc. I’ve been using it for several days now, and I have to say, that this is really the cats patooti! Now that I’ve found this little tool, it’s like – badda bing, badda BOOM.

Granted, you can only upload one pic at a time, but hey – what do you want for a freebie? At least it works, and I figure if I have to do the onesie-twosie thing, I’m good.

Check it out here – Gramblr Uploader

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