Respect Your Creative Genius Handcrafters!

Why do we as designers, constructors, utilizers of all things DIY, consistently devalue our skills, talents, and the beautiful things we create? Why do we consistently ‘pimp out’ our creative genius? Why do we (what seems to me to be) unabashedly give away our gifted and innovative talent and skills? Why do we (bottom line here) GIVE AWAY OUR POWER?

Do the following statements (or thoughts) sound familiar to you?

  • “Oh, I don’t *really* need the money”
  • “Oh geez, I already HAD the fabric lying around”
  • “Man, I have so much stash, I can’t see charging much for this”

Time and time and time again, we under-charge for our magnificent, lovingly created, time consuming creations. You know what I’m saying here viewers. Be honest with yourselves. Join in the revolution of RESPECTING YOUR SELF AND YOUR CREATIONS! It’s time we start to educate the public about what actually goes into our work.

I couldn’t possibly say it better than Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio. CLICK HERE for some enlightenment. Another fantastically awesome (albeit a bit lengthy) and TO THE POINT resource on this very topic is THIS Blog post by Kristin Link of SewMamaSew out of Portland, Oregon.

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