How To Become A String Twisting Diva

So, how DOES become an awesome string twisting Diva?


String Twisting Diva - 2

I taught myself how to twist that string around those sticks about 3.5 – 4 years ago. I had been an avid (or should I say RABID) crocheter since I was a wee bairn.

People would ask me “Do you knit?” “HELLS no!” says I. “Knitting is too scary”, It’s stupid. It’s retarded.”

Well (ha, ha) one day I got myself half-a-notion
(and when that happens, everyone better stand back and just enjoy the ride), and went out and bought me some knitting needles. I had the yarn stash of course because of my crocheting escapades. And then a magical thing happened.

I began to teach myself how to knit. How did I accomplish this amazing feat?

Got books. Watched online YouTube vids. The rest is history.

I officially became ‘bi-stitual’. And I can’t imagine being any other way. I think I had been closeted in the yarn bin – for many years…! I absolutely ADORE the way that string twists around those gorgeous sticks and magically produces that ever so elegant looking fabric and design.

Check out the following resources on learning the fine art of string twisting. It’ll give you a taste of a life you never before imagined.

There are two main techniques of knitting; Continental and English. This resource I offer below (How To Knit, etc.) gives examples on how to get started with both.


More on the Two Styles Of Knitting…

Here’s a great VID explaining the difference between the two with easy to follow visuals. I personally prefer the English style. It’s the technique that I started with, and the one I’ve used since day one. It’s very comfortable for me.

Click on the image to watch the video below, explaining the differences between the two styles…

StringTwisting Diva - Video Image

… and then, there’s always learning the fine art of using DPNs (double pointed needles) when you want your work to be seamless – such as when you are making hats, gloves, mittens and such. But that’s fodder for yet another fine ‘How To’ technique… !

Hint: DO NOT under any circumstances get discouraged or give up. If you get frustrated along the way, put those sticks down and walk away for a few. Then come back and try, try again. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

And oh – don’t EVER bother me when I’m counting…

Yours in the spirit of magical string twisting machinations,




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