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Respect Your Creative Genius Handcrafters!

Why do we as designers, constructors, utilizers of all things DIY, consistently devalue our skills, talents, and the beautiful things we create? Why do we consistently ‘pimp out’ our creative genius? Why do we (what seems to me to be) unabashedly give away our gifted and innovative talent and skills? Continue reading “Respect Your Creative Genius Handcrafters!”

Invictus – A Poem That Speaks Volumes

Invictus. Latin meaning: undefeated, unconquered.

No matter if we are white, black, yellow, brown, or sky blue pink, this poem (and the accompanying musical score) will speak to you on some level. ‘Invictus’ was a Victorian poem written by William Henley in 1875.  A very talented ‘present day’ musician composed a beautifully haunting melody to blend with and magnify the words. In honor of Nelson Mandela….

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